Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still insisting we "watch this drive"

God forbid, Bush change his habits just for a little ol' crisis. Whether we like it or not, when Obama says "we have only one President at a time" is never more true than during times of crisis. And, tragically, if there is one area the Bush Administration is NOT going to consult the President-Elect, it's foreign policy, particularly toward Israel, even though Obama is hardly some radical reformer in that area.

So what has Bush decided to do?

1. Cheer on a disproportionate response -- "Yay, make the rubble bounce!"

2. Stay on Vacation

This, of course, is the pattern.

-- Bombs from a car, boo!
-- Bombs from a plane, Yay!
-- Stay on vacation

Has there been no crisis, other than Terry Schiavo (which strains the term "crisis" past the breaking point), that Bush did not respond to with more vacation?

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