Thursday, June 30, 2011

"As opposed to me who is one 24/7"

Your liberal media.

While discussing President Obama's Wednesday press briefing on "Morning Joe," Mark Halperin made a gaffe about President Obama, calling him "a d*ck."

Poor Mark doesn't want to pay a few hundred more dollars in taxes over his seven-figure income.

But Gradma Millie and her medicare can go fuck themselves, if you suggest otherwise you are being a "dick".


jimmiraybob said...

I for one do not think that Halp should be discouraged from such honest expression. If he feels that O is a dick then we should all know that he feels that O is a dick.

DrDick said...

How dare that Kenyan socialistical usurper ask that Halperin and his pampered, overfed elitis buddies actually share in that "shared sacrifice" they keep demanding of everyone else.

pansypoo said...

pee wee-i know you are, but what am i?

MD said...

Time rebuked MH and MSNBC suspended him. I've got no problem with that. They are his employers and he said it on air. But calling any elected official, a dick..... That is free political speech. I don't agree with him yet I will defend his right to say it.

pansypoo said...

then he needs to be IDed as a republikkklan.