Tuesday, September 04, 2012

As designed by Tony Robbins

Today ends our nation's four-day interregnum from political infomercials. I hope you took the time to watch something more substantive, like QVC.

But there are some people who would like to hear that someone is out there addressing their economic concerns.
Steven Stapleton of Akron, Ohio, who was jobless for more than year, thinks Romney has a tin ear when it comes to the needs of working-class Americans. “He’s not about me,” Stapleton said. “He doesn’t identify with me or anybody who’s trying to make it out here. I don’t care what he says.”
But though Mr. Stapleton targets Romney, the matter is not really of Romney alone:
“Are they going to waste time and money talking about what the other guy didn’t do until Election Day?” he said. “Saying Obamacare doesn’t work? That’s not a plan. What are you going to do for the next four years?”
We can only "hope" that Obama lays out more detail, but how much is actually realistic as he seems to be in the realm of fantasy?

It's all in the balance for the two parties until after the election when they debate whether the poor and middle class merely get screwed or soilent-greened.

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StonyPillow said...

There is a big difference between getting screwed and getting soylent-greened.

DanF said...

I find it impossible to believe that Obama is this naive after four years. He knows that the Republican controlled house is even more recalcitrant than ever, and that many (most?) of the worst of them will be returning. Likewise, he knows that the Senate assholes aren't going anywhere either. This is working the refs and setting expectations. Nothing more.

We may still get screwed or solylent-greened at the end of the day, but Obama, as he usually does, is playing the long game.

Montag said...

Oh, I doubt seriously that the Repugs have any plans to cooperate with Obama.

If he's reelected, I'm betting that they'll be getting their impeachment knives sharpened, if they can work up some articles of impeachment that don't impinge on their future abilities to shit fire on smaller countries or to ignore domestic and international law at will.

The Greedy Ol' Party doesn't have many new tricks, but they have endless variations on old ones, and doing to Obama what they did to Clinton is right in line with the way they think. Obama will try, desperately, to gain their trust and their acquiescence, and he will fail. There are just too many mouthbreathers in Congress--on both sides of the aisle--for it to be any other way.

This country is in the grip of an insanity created by the mass marketing of delusions. There's no easy way to administer a cure without shattering the agents of that mass marketing.

pansypoo said...

thank god for PBS. may have to watch zen football. thank god for NPR.