Monday, September 03, 2012

Well yes, but reality has nothing to do with it

Krugthulu explains it all:

Data here.

So, Canada has a single-payer insurance system — actually called Medicare. Four decades ago, Canada spent about the same share of GDP on health care as we did. Since then, however, Canadian spending has risen far more slowly than spending in the US, which relies much more on private insurance. Meanwhile, despite the scare stories opponents of reform like to tell, Canadian health care appears on average to be as good as or better than US care; polls indicate that Canadians are more satisfied with their health care than Americans.

So, given this kind of evidence, the GOP insists that the way to control health costs is … to dismantle the single-payer part of our own system and turn the whole thing over to private insurers.
That "Reality-based" Bastard has given us the basis of his factual claims and everything. How dare he try to inform!


Montag said...

Oh, c'mon, Paul, you know that we think fightin' wars and buildin' aircraft carriers and puttin' people in jail is more our speed.

An' hell, we like our health-care plutocrats. We don't put `em in jail. We put `em in office.

Anonymous said...

Spent a half-hour talking to a well-informed, mild-mannered Canadian (hmm, redundant?) the other day. He thinks our health care system is just insane. Hit-yourself-in-the-head-with-a-rock-over-and-over insane.

DrDick said...

But conservatives get to create their own reality! (The DSM-IV has a name for people like that).

Sharon said...

I lived in the United States for 60 years. Moved to Canada in 2004. So I have a little perspective on both systems. I don't claim this is a scientific survey, but it's my own.

In the US, I was almost always covered by group health insurance. The best, by far, was Kaiser Foundation Health Plan which operates -- surprise -- a lot like the Canadian system.

I live in British Columbia in what's called a semi-rural community. I see my doctor at a clinic about five minutes from my house. There's a very good hospital about twenty minutes away.
I've had a couple of surgeries since I've been here and my hubby's had a knee replaced. The care I've received has been perfectly fine.

For this, my husband and I pay $106 a month for the two of us. The best part is though I worry aout having ANY surgery, I never have to worry about how we're going to pay for it.

Anonymous's friend is correct. The US "system" is bat-shit crazy.

pansypoo said...

if it costs more, it must be better tho, right? RIGHT?!?

Aaron said...

Never let facts stand in the way of "The Truth"

GOP official policy.