Monday, September 03, 2012

Hanging out at the "Thomas Friedman Center for Fictional Prototypes"

Yes, Ann Romney may not have fully appreciated Clint Eastwoods "Imaginary Obama" but like him and Tom Friedman Ann seems to meet a lot of people who say what she wants them to say:
[Ann Romney] also implied that President Barack Obama is not a mature adult capable of handling the nation's considerable economic problems. "I'm not a political pundit so I'm not going to be able to really answer that," Romney said about the GOP's gender gap. "But I will tell you what I'm hearing from women across the country right now. ... I'm hearing from so many women that may not have considered voting for a Republican before that said, it's time for the grown-up to come
Yes, I'm sure you really have heard from "so many". Barack Obama -- fifty-one years old -- is not a mature man, Ann Romney? You are saying all the people you hang around with say Obama is not a grown "man" but rather still a ...

WHAT!? (in largest font possible)

"Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon" everybody.

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Montag said...

Why, I'll bet that ol' Ann's friends in the horsey set number in the... dozens. And they're all just horrified that this *cough* black *harrumph* child-man is actually running the country despite all the Greedy Ol' Party's best efforts.

And I'll wager that Rafalca is whinnying her displeasure, too. Among the more-money-than-brains set, that's gotta count for something.

Anonymous said...

To people like Ann-toinette Romney, it doesn't matter how far a black man rises, or how much he achieves...

...he'll always be a "boy."

pansypoo said...

ever a 'boy'.