Thursday, January 30, 2014

America's Concern Troll

Richard Cohen, once again needs a movie to explain to him how the world works.

He's Reaganing.

Wait until he sees "Milk" or "Silkwood"


StonyPillow said...

His personnel record at his place of employment shows what type of movie he spends most of his time watching to learn about life.

kingweasil said...

"They had volunteered, but certainly not to die and certainly for no purpose"...Funny, he was a cheerleader for the war and Bush when he was in office. Does this mean dick should watch more movies?

Anonymous said...

OK, just checked and it was about...Iraq -- go figure -- but Dick Cohen once regaled us with the sentence "I thought the prudent use of violence would be therapeutic."

Now he's finally realized that violence begets, well, more violence. Thanks for noticing...Dick.

gratuitous said...

Gosh, if only someone had explained it all to Mr. Cohen. You'd think something this serious would have had people demonstrating in the streets, warning the Pundits of the Establishment that they were headed down a very bad road.

But no, not a single solitary voice in all the wilderness could have possibly foreseen any of this, and now Richard Cohen has had to risk serious brain sprain figuring it all out all by his lonesome. The rest of us are so lucky to have a public voice like Cohen's to tell us about these things for next time.

Hey, isn't it time to start bombing Iraq? Or Syria? Or somewhere?

pansypoo said...

isn't the times partially to blame for iWaq? AND THE BLIVET? which is WHY afghanistan is a mess?