Friday, January 03, 2014

Hypocrisy is bigger in Texas

Last year, despite the efforts of Wendy Davis to filibuster it away, Texas passed laws that with substantial medical requirements that made most clinics in the State providing abortion services close.

For example, the Whole Woman's Health in McAllen, Texas had to cease operations. But there is still a place claiming to cater to women's health issues in McAllen...
A McAllen Pregnancy Center counselor reached by phone told Al Jazeera that the center does not employ a doctor because the ultrasounds it conducts aren’t for diagnostic purposes but for “seeing the baby.” Medical experts, like the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and the ACOG, take a dim view of such practices. They warn that women could be falsely reassured about their health or that of their fetus, and if abnormalities are discovered, there’s no guarantee that pregnant women will receive the follow-up care they need.

Though it might not be obvious to Betsy that she isn’t receiving medical treatment, the McAllen Pregnancy Center isn’t behaving like a rogue operator. Unlike abortion clinics, sandwich shops and nail salons, crisis-pregnancy centers in Texas don’t have to comply with state or federal safety standards. The state health department does not inspect the clinics, not even the ones that offer ultrasounds and call themselves pregnancy medical clinics.
Sounds totally a Rick Perry fashion doesn't it?

Meanwhile, if you live in McAllen and still want to exercise your rights? Enjoy your "bonus" six-hour round trip drive.

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StonyPillow said...

Texas ranks dead last in delivery of healthcare services, according to the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. That’s number 51, behind every state and the District of Columbia. Among the twelve categories rated, they’re also dead last in mental health services. Again, number 51 — $36 per capita as opposed to the national average of $109.

Lest anyone suggest Texas has fallen behind the rest of the country, please be aware they do encourage the mentally ill to obtain and use firearms. If the insane don’t put themselves out of their misery, law enforcement will. Ammo’s cheaper than hospital beds — heck, ammo’s cheaper than generic meds. Now that’s Texas-sized savings.

pansypoo said...

best? don't live in texas is you have lady parts.