Friday, January 24, 2014

Big week for outreach

I was momentarily outraged by Mike Huckabee saying Democrats assume women cannot control their libidos.

Then, being a Democrat, I remembered what it must be like to be Mike Huckabee and how his personal experiences have repeatedly demonstrated that women have no trouble refusing to have sex with him.

And he's not even on this list.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe Gohmert didn't make the cut. His level of insanity deserves to be recognized.

Anonymous said...

Or Chinless Mitch McConnell, who's latest political ads tout his commitment to health care. But, then again, the big six pictured certainly deserve the, um, honor.

Yesterday I read something to the effect that 'the further right the country goes, the further right the wingers have to move in order to stay pissed off about how liberal everyone else is.'

Sounds about right.

kingweasil said...

women who cannot control their libidos? sounds like mikes been attending sexaholics anonymous.

pansypoo said...

even the women of the GOP are batshit backwards.
no gyrlz alowd!

StonyPillow said...

Time for a mighty blast of facts from the nostril of the CDC (Table 7, page 24):

Out of the 61.9 million women in the United States of childbearing age (15-44YOA, data 2006-2008), 27.0 million are married, 22.8 million are unmarried, 5.2 million are formerly married, and 6.8 million are cohabiting.

Of those women, 4.4 million married, 4.12 million unmarried, 0.59 million never married, and 1.58 million cohabiting are taking the pill.

So it seems the largest group the Huckster is railing against are married women trying to keep from having their family's lives ruined by birthing a quiverful.

Please proceed, Governor Huckabee.

Anonymous said...

last week I stumbled upon a new song by a singer I used to like back int he day--- a C&W singer named Marty Robbins whose biggest hit was "El Paso".

the new song I discovered was called "Ain't I Right", and was written by Robbins in 1966. It turns out he was quite the wingnut, and how!

check out these lyrics:

You came down to this southern town last summer
To show the folks a brand new way of life
But all you've shown the folks around here is trouble
And you've only added misery to their strife
Your concern is not to help the people
And I'll say again, though it's been often said
Your concern is just to bring discomfort, my friend
And your policy is just a little red

Now, ain't I right (ain't he right)
(Ain't he right)

It matters not to you how people suffer
And should they, you'd consider that a gain
You bring a lot of trouble to the town and then you leave
That's part of your Communistic game
I detect a little Communisim
I can see it in the things ya do
Communisim, socialism call it what you like
There's very little difference in the two

Now, ain't I right (ain't he right)
(Ain't he right)
[ Lyrics from: ]
Your followers sometimes have been a bearded, hatless bunch
There's even been a minister or two
A priest, a nun, a rabbi and an educated man
Have listened and been taken in by you
Aw, the country's full of two-faced politicians
Who encourage you with words that go like this
Burn your draft card if you like, it's good to disagree
That's a get aquainted Communistic kiss

Now, ain't I right (ain't he right)
(Ain't he right)

One politician said it would be nice to send some blood
And help the enemy in Vietnam
That's what he says, here's what I say
Let's just keep the blood
Instead let's send that politician man
Let's rid the country of the politicians,
Who call us tramps, that march out in our streets
Protesting those who wanna fight for freedom, my friend
This kind of leader makes our country weak

Now, ain't I right (ain't he right)
(Ain't he right)

Let's look and find the strong and able leaders
It's time we found just how our neighbours stand
If we're to win this war with Communism
Let's fight it here as well as Vietman
Let's rise as one and meet our obligations
So Communistic boots will never trod
Across the fields of freedom that were given to us
With the blessing of our great almighty God
Across the fields of freedom that were given to us
With the blessing of our great almighty God

Ain't I Right lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.