Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Look, we're determined to be the West Virginia of the Midwest"

So stoop lower South Dakota!
After Michael Eisenga, a wealthy GOP donor and Wisconsin business owner, failed to convince several courts to lower his child support payments, he came up with an inventive plan B—he recruited a Republican state legislator to rewrite Wisconsin law in his favor. A set of documents unearthed Saturday by the Wisconsin State Journal shows Eisenga and his lawyer, William Smiley, supplying detailed instructions to Republican state Rep. Joel Kleefisch on how to word legislation capping child support payments from the wealthy. Kleefisch began work on the legislation last fall, weeks after an appeals court rejected Eisenga's attempts to lower his child support payments.


Montag said...

If we knew the full extent of the legislation written to benefit wealthy right-wingers in this country, the response would be well beyond torches and pitchforks.

It's why I get a big laugh out of right-wingers when they talk about "simplifying" the tax code--95% of it has been written to benefit their wealthy benefactors, corporate and individual, and what they really, really mean by that is raising their income even further, by hook or by crook. And there are an awful lot of crooked politicians willing to do it for them, including this lump of ripe shit, who happens to be married to Wisconsin's lieutenant governor.

kingweasil said...

best laws money can buy.

pansypoo said...

may he reap his future neglect.