Wednesday, January 08, 2014

And further in unsurprising news, news

Roger Ailes is as disgusting a pig as you always figured he was anyway based on all his previous reprehensible words and deeds.
Book: Ailes Offered Female Employee Higher Salary If He Could Have Sex With Her Whenever He Wanted


pansypoo said...

typical, he thought $100 was enough incentive.

Athenawise said...

A measly hundred bucks? Even back then, Ailes was all about no entitlements, no handouts.

Can you imagine this pig in the nude?

Anonymous said...

But Princess Leia said, "You can force me to wear the gold bikini, but I'm not doing that"

Montag said...

Given Ailes' general physical condition, "whenever he wanted to" probably translates to once every couple of years.

Even at that, I suspect most women--even the ambitious ones--would think the extra few grand just wasn't worth it.

Some things just aren't worth the money, no matter how much money is involved.