Friday, June 13, 2014

Another Adventure goes about as rationally predicted

Another "solid" investment in the Saigon of the no-longer aughts:
After Iraq's armed forces were disbanded following the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, the United States and its allies committed more than $25bn to training and building a new military.
And now we know just how awesome that's working out.
...recent operations in the west on the Syrian border and around Falluja and Ramadi have suggested both serious political and operational shortcomings. The collapse of an estimated 30,000 forces in and around Mosul underlined a lack of morale and an apparently chaotic chain of command.
Good job 'Murica -- put it on the multi-trillion dollar tab!

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StonyPillow said...

Since the International Zone is east of the river, the choppers will be evacuating our Men in Baghdad from the future ISIS embassy.

The majestic panorama of history teaches us but two eternal truths:

There’s always another country where we can stir shit up and make trouble, and

The Kurds are about to get screwed again.

kingweasil said...

maybe we leave it up to our new friends iran to clean up...

pansypoo said...

way to go picking a shite only govt! like when you only have the GOP.


Grung_e_Gene said...

Hogwash! No one could have predicted that the Tree of Jeffersonian Democracy W loving planted in Iraq would be torn out by the Kenyan Marxist Traitor!!!

Unknown said...


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DanF said...

Stony - I think the Kurds might actually come out alright in this one. Turkey needs a buffer from the instability of the ME, and might be willing to finally negotiate with the Kurds on their own state.

Doesn't mean there isn't still time to screw them - but I suspect that by now the Kurds know better than to look for outside help.

Anonymous said...

committed more than $25bn to training and building a new military.

Which enriched Blackwater, US arms makers and Halliburton -- Mission Accomplished!
Oh, you wanted it to actually increase the effectiveness of the military? This is the Bush Assministration, you came to the wrong people.

Brian M said...

plenty of profits under President Hope N' Change, too, Anonymous. Plus, remember that we can never look at the past, but only the future (hence, no prosecutions for financial or war crimes)