Monday, June 30, 2014

BushCo's kinda people

This guy and his company are a two-ply wetsuit and a vibrator away from being perfect "Christian" hypocrites.

Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager there issued a threat: “that he could kill” the government’s chief investigator and “no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq,” according to department reports.


Anonymous said...

Calling George Zimmerman -- I think we've got a opening for you...

kingweasil said...

hmmm, gung-ho attitudes, inappropriate behavior, swagger and recklessness, unbridled hubris, new meaning to the word I remember!President Codpiece! They were just like the administration who employed them. Why Mr. Thomas or Mr. Carrol weren't invited to testify isn't hard to understand, why they had no comment is.

pansypoo said...

WOW. what a patriot.

Montag said...

Organizations tend to take on the attributes of their leadership.

Erik Prince, gangster.

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