Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How's embracing crazy

Working out for you Eric Cantor?


kingweasil said...

cantor nurtured the tea party movement and it turned and bit him in the ass (byebye eric you fuckin putz) brat was helped along by the tea party,but teaches at a "liberal arts college" oh the inhumanity!

Anonymous said...

Moar Brat ATTACKS!

Raoul Paste said...

Apparently the '30 million' that were supposed to show up in DC last month stopped in Virginia, and voted.

Brian M said...

You know...this may be heresy, but not EVERYTHING this guy says is wrong. There was legitimate anger in the Tea Party movement. It is just sad that the anger was turned onto racial and ethnic scapegoats, as exemplified by statements of anti-Cantor voters.

Montag said...

Heresy? Probably. Look, this guy is a classic Randian nutball. He may play to the tea partiers by claiming he's against Republican corruption, but the tea partiers themselves have largely been funded by billionaires eager to corrupt the entire government to further their own aims and fortunes.

How can there be "legitimate anger" when the various Tea Party organizations are basically astroturf outfits funded by corrupt billionaires? "Legitimate anger" against corruption doesn't mean squat when the people expressing it are no more than useful idiots in the service of corruption.

Brian M said...

I know how they are funded. What strikes me, though, is the statements by some grass roots teatards about corruption and funding of big banks and the like.

Of course, the billionaires own the organized groups, and the racism and ethnocentrim and the, in this case, nativist junk redirects and subsumes the legitimate populist outrage. But that populist outrage IS there, buried underneath. Isn't there a way to reach it?

pansypoo said...

the right still does not understand how screwed they were by tinkle down + wall street is the enemy.

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