Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Permanent Wankery

If they want to say ONE fucking thing to try to give legitimacy to the Iraqi government (to the extent that is possible) and to quell the sectarian violence slightly, perhaps the Bush Administration can state they will stop spending billions on permanent bases.


What are you Atta J. Turk, some conspiracy nut?

Um, no.

I think Oswald acted alone, Apollo missions landed on the actual moon not once, but 6 times, and that Bush wants permanent bases in Iraq -- and it is getting away with it domestically:

BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq -- The concrete goes on forever, vanishing into the noonday glare, 2 million cubic feet of it, a mile-long slab that's now the home of up to 120 U.S. helicopters, a "heli-park" as good as any back in the States.

At another giant base, al-Asad in Iraq's western desert, the 17,000 troops and workers come and go in a kind of bustling American town, with a Burger King, Pizza Hut and a car dealership, stop signs, traffic regulations and young bikers clogging the roads.

At a third hub down south, Tallil, they're planning a new mess hall, one that will seat 6,000 hungry airmen and soldiers for chow.

Are the Americans here to stay? Air Force mechanic Josh Remy is sure of it as he looks around Balad.

"I think we'll be here forever," the 19-year-old airman from Wilkes-Barre, Pa., told a visitor to his base.

The Iraqi people suspect the same. Strong majorities tell pollsters they'd like to see a timetable for U.S. troops to leave, but believe Washington plans to keep military bases in their country.

And this quote:

A wide range of American opinion is against them as well. Such bases would be a "stupid" provocation, says Gen. Anthony Zinni, former U.S. Mideast commander and a critic of the original U.S. invasion.

Is essentially like sending out the "Batsignal" when it comes to the Bush Administration.

"Stupid Provocation?"

Sounds right up this guy's alley:

"Bring 'em on!"

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