Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Example of a good return on Gov't Money

How long can they work?
How effective?

Compare the Mars Rovers to the Bush presidency for just a moment. The Rovers have only added to our knowledge. They have not in any way been responsible for any loss of life, environmental degradation, disastrous foreign blunders, or useless military campaigns that have no end in sight. They actually collect information and prepare it for analysis... no memo about "determined to strike in U.S." would get by them. There has been no inescapable spiral of self and community destruction in this country and others. No patriotic jingoism. Not one shred of attack on the Constitution, Civil Liberties, our legal rights in general. In fact, they work hard -- not too many vacations here! -- far far past their expected performance. Perhaps the GOP as it flounders increasingly in upon itself could make a bold new choice. A creative direction, for a change:

I wish to be the first to make the official announcement for the GOP:
Rovers '08!
Vote Opportunity and Spirit in 2008!

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