Sunday, April 27, 2008

Late Night/Early Morning Chat (Part Deux)

Here we are again fellow insomniacs... another evening or early morning (your call for which is the correct interpretation) and we have another call for discussions.

So, here are some of the thought provokers we have going:

1. If big ticket money supporters of the Rethuglican party are running away from the sinking ship, will this hurt the state level races?  Will we see more Democratic governors? Will they have better hair than AHnold?

2. Do we all believe that Cindy McCain can pull her hair back any tighter?  Anyone?

3. Which is more disturbing Senator Clinton's odd I see through you with my x-ray vision smile or Senator Obama's I speak like I am in a high school play?

4. If a blogger writes in the early morning hours and no one reads it, does it still fall crashing to earth?

Or do you have a better topic to get us going...  come on, you know you do.  It's time to toss aside the false modesty and revel in your witty banter.  I double dog dare you.  I really do.

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