Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Ritual of Spring every 4 years

The battle against Republicans violating Copyright.
Newt Gingrich Not Allowed to Use "Eye of the Tiger," Says Guy Who Wrote "Eye of the Tiger"


StonyPillow said...

What song will W Romney steal? That's been just about the only real drama in this whole stinking Restore Our Failure primary season.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Aaron said...

Look here any and all present and future Republican candidates, this is simple. Here is your only acceptable choices for campaign music:
1. Country music
2. That damn Lee Greenwood song
3. Music by John Phillip Sousa
That's all you get. Now piss off.

pansypoo said...

what about louis & sullivan? key stone cops? benny hill theme song?