Thursday, May 01, 2014

And the conservatives just nod their head and think, "mmmmm....softshelled clams"

I sure am glad climate change is one of those Nazi-like hoaxes, right?
In a troubling new discovery, scientists studying ocean waters off California, Oregon and Washington have found the first evidence that increasing acidity in the ocean is dissolving the shells of a key species of tiny sea creature at the base of the food chain. The animals, a type of free-floating marine snail known as pteropods, are an important food source for salmon, herring, mackerel and other fish in the Pacific Ocean. Those fish are eaten not only by millions of people every year, but also by a wide variety of other sea creatures, from whales to dolphins to sea lions.
Eh, "who cares, it's just the ocean", said some corporate lobbyist over his sushi. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


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kingweasil said...

Brandon jones is also a Nigerian prince

kingweasil said...


Athenawise said...

The sushi was loaded with mercury and other toxins, of course.

pansypoo said...

as long as cows do not melt, things are fine.

jimmy harvey said...


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Harry R. Sohl said...

That's the best chance they'll ever get to eat a soft-shelled clam, I'm certain.