Thursday, May 08, 2014

Now that's some number crunching

And to think, I settled on becoming a lawyer because when push-came to show I could at least divide by three.
Researchers have created the most detailed simulation of the history of the universe, complete with exploding gas clouds, swirling galaxies, ravenous black holes and countless stars – born to die in violent supernovae that blast the chemical elements for planets and life out into the cosmos. Described as one of the most complex computer models ever created, the simulation was crunched on supercomputers that took six months to complete calculations that would have taken an average desktop computer 2,000 years to process.
Cool. I guess the next step is to ask those computers about Benghazi then? [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


StonyPillow said...

With all the bloatware, crapware, malware, and spyware, not to mention viruses and NSA snoopware, just about anything on a Windows computer takes almost 2,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Saw the clip and found the fatal flaws.

First, it was done by "scientists" doing real "science", so no Reich-wing Fox viewing shit-eating, barking mad conservative Republican is going to believe that.

Second. There was no Jebus.

Ha! And now you see it too! Amiright? Amiright?

kingweasil said...

"the simulation was crunched on supercomputers that took six months to complete" month for every thousand years,right?

Anonymous said...

Kingweasil, it looks like you are good with reich wing math! ;-)

pansypoo said...

are they puling stuff out of their navels or their ass?

why can't we call them stupid?