Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Get your Moias ready!

The evidence of Global Climate Change has been overwhelming for years, and a prominent subject of conversation since the late 20th Century before Al Gore grew obese for Limbaugh listeners taste from too many kale chips or something.

Meaning that this should probably not shock us.
The government’s newest national assessment of climate change, released early Tuesday, declares what a wide majority of scientists say is clear: Americans are already feeling the effects of global warming.
Yes...and apparently in the right-wing mind the effects were first felt in the "American" province of Benghazi!

Oh well, I guess that nuclear holocaust training we all ignored as a child will be just as handy now.

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StonyPillow said...

Apparently somebody woke up from an unsettling dream about his legacy. I hope he can convince himself he actually did something with this “national assessment” — it’s so important to get your rest.

P J said...

In our quest to find another planet that can sustain human life maybe we should concentrate on keeping this one livable in the meantime in case that takes a while longer.

Anonymous said...

But Al Gore is fat. And he uses electricity.