Monday, May 19, 2014

Somebody should do...uh, nevermind

On story that sums up how modern 'Murica solves its problems (I mean "doesnt'").

If there's an image that starkly illustrates the threats of climate change, it's this photograph, which was included in the recent National Climate Assessment released by the White House. It is noteworthy because the flood is from exceptionally high spring tides – not heavy rains. Tidal flooding like that is relatively new. And scary. "People in Miami Beach are living climate change," said David Nolan, a meteorology and physical oceanography professor at the University of Miami. "They're on the frontline."
And the unfortunate subheading.
Politicians who refuse to acknowledge global warming should visit Florida where climate change is all too real
Yes, if only Florida Senator Marco Rubio would visit Florida. That'll learn him.

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Anonymous said...

This DoofUS IS from Miami! For all the willfully blind Rubio circus-clones, there's only one warning, "Hey, RUBE!".

pansypoo said...

i think the south FEELS the change differently. it was noticeable to me in WI in 1985, when they said, we tipped the balance. so the GOP TAINT FEELING IT. unless your ankles are wet.

Oh Susannah said...

I suggest we put Marco Rubio and his fellow climate change deniers each on a shrinking ice floe with a polar bear that is battling the consequences of the change. Let the bear and the fool settle their differences of opinion.

Montag said...

Hell, bears or no, put `em on shrinking ice floes anyway.

When the ice disappears, David and Charlie can have a race to see who reaches land first. 600 miles or so ought to do it.

Raoul Paste said...

Peak Rubio has passed.
He will be lucky to remain a senator.

Anonymous said...

Douchebag governor Rick Scott is another denier, amusing that he has a coastal mansion that will be threatened at some point.