Friday, July 11, 2014

Blessed are the poor...

Apparently the only part of the New Testament that the modern conservative takes literally...outside of creationism which they are just told to take literally.
Today, more than three-quarters of American conservatives think the poor "have it easy," while fewer than 10 percent believe the "poor have hard lives"
Yeah, it's the rich who suffer...just like always!

Being poor, in fact, is so popular in modern America that many of us seem to be moving that way!

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DanF said...

We were evicted from our 'ole in the ground; we 'ad to go and live in a lake.

You were lucky to have a lake! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in t' shoebox in t' middle o' road.

Cardboard box?


You were lucky.

Even Monty Python is stretching the limits of parody for these asshats...

Anonymous said...

Put Me DOWN For pauperization! Ahhh ... PARADISE!! W.T.F.?, Oligarchs and Plutocrats!!!

Montag said...

Ah, but I note that the people who are complaining the most about the poor having it easy are people who are very well off--especially those in the right-wing media complaining about those undocumented immigrant children dying of thirst in the desert. Why, the envy is almost palpable.

You can tell because they want militia members to go to the border and give those poor even more. And bullets are quite expensive, you know.

pansypoo said...

if you ain't africa poor, it don't count to them. jeez, they have ROOFS! DON'T MAKE THEM SHARE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe the proper term is "Lucky Duckies".

I have it on very good authority.

grouchomarxist said...

The party for people with a self-induced empathectomy.



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