Friday, July 18, 2014

Not in the way I imagined

I have figured his adventurism in the Ukraine would come back to bite Putin in the ass, because they almost always do. But I was imagining the intermediate future. But I agree with Josh Marshall, the inevitable has happened, just in a different way than most anyone imagined.


Anonymous said...

Josh needs to Google "Iran Air Flight 655" before waxing quite so poetic on how the game has changed.

Montag said...

Marshall: "This is a f'-up on Putin's part of almost mind-boggling proportions."

Hmm. Let's just back up a minute. This conflict started because the U.S. backed a right-wing coup against an elected government, and mostly because that government wasn't playing pattycake nicely enough with our energy and agricultural multinationals. Moreover, this conflict is deeply associated with an ongoing program by the U.S. to economically and militarily isolate Russia, using NATO expansion and missile defense to put Russia under greater threat.

Putin's an autocratic jerk, that's understood, but, if we're going to assign blame, let's also look at origins.

pansypoo said...

the stupidity of evil.


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Anonymous said...

B b b b but W looked into his soul, and saw good?

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