Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just lemme know

When a person in 'Murica can criticize Israel on rational grounds (even while also blaming Hamas as much or more) without being accused of being anti-semetic.

Especially if your pseudonym is "Attaturk".


Won't be holding breath.


grouchomarxist said...

Same as it ever was. When there's no rational response to a rational critique, what can you expect but irrationality? If you're Jewish and criticize Israel, you're a "self-hating Jew"; all other critics are of course anti-Semites.

Maybe if you changed your nym to "whateverisraeldoesisfinewithme" ...

Anonymous said...

The usage of "anti-Semite" by Jewish nationalists is rather ignorant given that Arabs are also a Semitic peoples. If one wants to go a little deeper, Arabs are genetically even more Semitic than a majority of modern Israeli Jews who are predominately European in their individual genetic make-up. It's almost funny how semantics is one of the most lethal weapons of the modern world.

Montag said...

As with Israel's mostly successful attempts to brand the Holocaust as an exclusively Jewish phenomenon (which it wasn't, not by a longshot), anti-Semitism has been branded as exclusively Jewish, as well, regardless of the actual meaning of the term. It also, by excluding those of Arab descent, seeks to deny Arabs' existence, thereby denying them legitimacy, a necessary function of any propaganda tool.

It's small comfort, Attaturk, I know, but there're a whole lot of kool-aid poisoning cases out there, and most of them don't want to be cured.

StonyPillow said...

Just about the most anti-Semitic statement I can think of is calling the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian ghetto of Gaza "Jewish" behavior.

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Anonymous said...

I've been wary of Israel ever since Jonathan Pollard, and distrustful after the USS Liberty.

Everything the Likud - the conservatives - have done since (to included noted adulterer Bibi Netanyahu's interference in US politics, thank you, Reich-wing Bush-wads) from conspiring with the Reich-wing Evangelicals who object to a Palestinian state because they believe Christ won't come back to earth unless Solomon's temple rebuilt in Gaza, encouraging illegal settlements, destroying agreements, blocking relief aide, years of overwhelming firepower, the bulldozing of homes, escalating conflict to bring more and more pain to the helpless. Israel is a nation that - with American assistance and encouragement - brutalizes its neighbor and denies it human rights and would love nothing more than to drag us into a suicidal conflagration with Iran, have turned me from distrust to 'eff Israel.

There are two great recent comments recently on Israel:

"Has it occurred to any of these clowns that, whatever the provocation, what Israel is doing is raining death and fire down on a population that is penned up in the first place, and which literally has nowhere else to go?" - Charles Pierce.

“There is nothing left. It is the end for us. I will marry again four times, and I will have 10 sons with each wife, and they will all be in the resistance." - Bassam Abu Jameh, whose entire family had just been massacred in an Israeli airstrike. NY Times


Greendayman said...

So far, so good. I haven't had any red-faced, unhinged, vitriol aimed at me after posting this:

But, hey - I think I know both of my viewers so being a D-lister does have its advantages.

The Israel-US relationship has baffled me for years. Once again, working against our self-interests to support ideology. What is it about us, as a country, that stops us from grasping the actual ground situation in Palestine? It can't be "screw the brown people" because as far as I know all the players are brown. Maybe, "Might makes right"? Jewish "Manifest Destiny"? We did it with the Native Americans but there was no social media back then. Anyway..., at least from a capitalist's view, it's probably about the money.

Thanks, 'Turk. We ain't afraid.

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