Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In a a multitude of metaphors

It's long been noticed that the anti-choice crowd obsesses about fetuses until the umbilical cord is cut, then they could care less.

So why shouldn't Hobby Lobby just sum up the whole conundrum in one predictable case?

When a very pregnant Felicia Allen applied for medical leave from her job at Hobby Lobby three years ago, one might think that the company best known for denying its employees insurance coverage of certain contraceptives—on the false grounds that they cause abortions—would show equal concern for helping one of its employees when she learned she was pregnant.

Instead, Allen says the self-professed evangelical Christian arts-and-crafts chain fired her and then tried to prevent her from accessing unemployment benefits.

Why if she'd just taken birth control...oh, right.

Hobby Lobby's PR person will get back to you as soon as he goes and gets his plan-supported Viagra from the Walgreen's next door.

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StonyPillow said...

Apparently those employees have to sign away their right to legal recourse as a condition of employment.

But never fear — at Hobby Lobby Peacemaker Ministries rides to the rescue with the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC). They’ll dispense all the justice any employee would ever need, just like Jesus said.

Anonymous said...

OR, $witzerland!

Anonymous said...

And just to complete the circle...the article notes Allen was forced to sign a binding arbitration agreement.

What's next? Literal serfdom? Oh wait, that's right: serfdom might cost Hobby Lobby too much money...

Montag said...

"And Jesus spake thusly, 'suffer the big businesses to come unto me, for I shall hide their transgressions under the cloak of darkness and shall pee on their employees, as they should do likewise.'"

--Book of Corporations, Chapter One, Verse 1-2.

kingweasil said...

tee-hee...what Montag said.