Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Allow me to summarize the sophisticated advice of our nation's Congressional "leadership"


By my observation, Barack Obama has bombed a lot of shit in his tenure.

There's not a wedding or funeral in the general area of The Levant that is not potential drone-bait. I'd put him up there in the top-six of bombin' Presidents, right behind the Bushes, LBJ, FDR, Nixon, and Truman -- but ahead of Reagan and Clinton. Y'know right on the mid-level of the distribution of sky-borne murder-boners we have come to expect from our modern Commander-in-Chiefs.

Nonetheless, in modern parlance, no matter how much you make the rubble bounce, there are always almost universal calls four our "serious" 535 or so aspirants for the White House to bomb until the rubble turns to sand...and then glass...and then sand again...just for good measure.
Barack Obama was on Sunday urged to take a tougher approach towards Russia and Syria, as Republicans and Democrats returned from their summer vacations in confrontational mood.
Oh those "moods" without consequence...a summation of modern American Foreign Policy.

A sophisticated people who elect the sophisticated leadership we deserve...even if the rest of the world does not.

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Oblio's Cap said...

Four of the serious 535? I'm so confused...

Anonymous said...

The PolitiCons are never held to account. But I prefer the Slim Whitman approach; his sirens simply vaporize the Martians!

pansypoo said...

drones are supposedly cheaper than war + invasions. but it does not make good teevee ratings for CNN.