Monday, September 15, 2014

Four Score and 7 reported villains ago

Remember Boko Harem? The Nigerian terror-group that believed in mass kidnappings and viral videos that lost out to much better produced viral videos. There's been an update.
Soldiers killed scores of Islamic extremists in a rare victory, as the insurgents advanced on a town near the northeast city of Maiduguri, an officer and other witnesses said. One officer said a feared Boko Haram commander known only as Amir was among some 200 militants killed in a battle Friday in Konduga town, 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state and birthplace of the extremist group. Also killed was a Boko Haram video journalist and a suicide bomber, he said.
I'm not quite sure about the suicide bomber, but the others may be an least until another couple dozen new aspirant for "ultimate villain" comes forward...should be by noon today EST. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


Monkeyfister said...

I still cannot get over Boko Harem.

I guess singing "Whiter Shade Of Pale" at the music festivals wasn't paying well enough for the geriatric years.

Still and all-- never expected them to go all African Terror and everything.

Anonymous said...

Definition of ISIS US! Harem-style rape, "beheadings" and now, shrine destructions - world class Company crimes, ala Iraqkuwaitistan. Poppy wiesel of The WEEK!

pansypoo said...

and to think the british empire kept the whahabbi sect to fight the ottoman empire. what a good thaing that turned out to be.

wonder if we made war on saudi arabia we might stem the tide of crazee.