Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Next time, fly Northwest

Delays like this are expected.
Fury with a "VIP culture" that routinely sees commercial flights in Pakistan delayed to accommodate the schedule of politicians boiled over this week when passengers angrily prevented the country's former interior minister from boarding an aircraft. Fuming travellers had been waiting in their seats when Rehman Malik, one of the country's most recognisable politicians, sauntered down the air bridge to the Pakistan International Airlines jet more than 90 minutes after its scheduled departure from Karachi to Islamabad on Monday. Malik promptly turned tail when a furious group of travellers waiting by the door to the aircraft began heckling, with some chasing him back to the terminal building shouting and calling him a "stupid dog".
Some may call these passengers heroes.

 In this country, they'd be patted down by TSA twice before boarding.


kingweasil said...

political hacks are all the same. during the govt. shutdown it was funny how they could all agree to ease flight delays so they could go home for break. Too bad the passengers didn't run them off to.

pansypoo said...

i am sure they will scare the amerikan sheep into behaving.

Anonymous said...

I think Pakistan is less authoritarian than the US in this instance.

In America everyone who shouted would all be hauled off the plane and (at least) be interrogated for hours as "terrists", if not arrested, for daring to challenge the anointed life of one of the elite.