Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Wonder of it all

Today Scotland is voting whether to go for full independence. It is very close (which may not necessarily be the way you want it when you are right next door to the other country). Funny, it only took about 900 years for this to possibly happen far. (So good luck Iraq!)

So how would a "yes" vote go over in Northern Ireland, where things have not been of more recent vintage, so peaceful?

That really is a conundrum, especially with the old lately-compromising extremists are dying off.

But of all the results, maybe a 50-50 split is the most opaque possible outcome.

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StonyPillow said...

It might be more efficient for Britain to just expel the City of London from the Union.

Anonymous said...

Since England was a gift by Elizabeth I to Scots King James III. it seems rather ungracious of the Scots to want to give it back after 400 years.

pjhawk said...

What do you think Edward Longshanks thinks of the English
going along with this girly man method of preserving the