Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roll Back to the 1880s

In other news, as I just cannot keep track of who's getting bombed this time? -- after all it's "9/11, 9/11 9/1l" and I don't know yet whether Rudy Giuliani has seen his hairline yet and has proclaimed six more wars. So today in other iniquities. Last year, the heirs to the Walton empire...who have accomplished nothing in life so much as surviving birth...each accumulated another $3.3 billion in wealth. Or as some call them, makers. Meanwhile, how is it going for the people propping them up on their medically uninsured backs?
Richard Reynoso, a Walmart employee working in a southern California store, sent a letter to Walmart’s corporate headquarters on Monday, claiming that he couldn’t afford to comply with a new company dress code that takes effect on September 29. It was written on letterhead with the logo of OUR Walmart, a union-backed organization advocating for Walmart workers. Under the new code, workers will have to a wear a collared blue or white shirt and black or khaki pants, along with a Walmart vest the company will provide. Employees can use clothes they already own or buy new clothes anywhere they want, but they have to pay for the shirts and pants out of their own pockets.
Seems fair. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


StonyPillow said...

Always worker exploitation. Always.

(BTW, must be a glitch -- didn't get posted at FDL)

grouchomarxist said...

Why, if Walmart had supplied the uniforms, the heirs would only have seen their wealth increase last year by a measly two billion instead of three-point-three! What are you: some kind of Commie?

pansypoo said...

squeezing every rock + human for all they can suck off.

Montag said...

This will go on until it can no longer.

But, by then, it may be too late.

kingweasil said...

along with a Walmart vest the company will provide...Wal-Mart profits were only 17 billion last year. how could they possibly be able to pay for the whole uniform?