Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bush Visits Iowa

Premier George Walter Bush is visiting Des Moines today to help a local multi-millionaire trust fund boy unseat a semi-popular Democratic congressman (Leonard Boswell). They're charging $100 for the local intelligentsia to come out from under their rocks with drool buckets in tow (it really is amazing to see how they handle the buckets while using their knuckles to help propel them forward) to cheer for the worst premier in the history of the republic.

On local news this morning Tony snow, you know the official campaign spokesman for the Republican election machine, gives an interview to two smiling morons that don't want to ask the man a serious question. Some of Snow's better unchallenged bromides: 1. let's not forget why we're in Iraq...(um, wouldn't that be nuclear and chemical weapons that were an immediate threat to the US and A?...unchallenged) 2. Creating a stable democracy in the middle-east will allow freedom and the american way to spread throughout the region...(seriously, he said that)...3. We're changing hearts and minds...(no mention of the collective judgment of the intelligence agencies in the recently published NIE saying that being in Iraq is having the opposite effect).

Seriously, I was waiting for the disclaimer at the end: paid for by the National Republican Campaign Committee who paid for the content of this ad.

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