Saturday, October 21, 2006

Media Imbecility

For far too long the media, to the extent it pays attention to the economy at all, has only paid attention to the stock market. I suppose as a business model broadcasting a stock market ticker with a clown show is a way to attract those with disposable income, but how the Dow Jones does is not a reflection of how the economy is working for most people.

Recent polling suggests an overwhelming number of people consider the GOP far too wedded to the business class. Which just goes to show you, if you wait a century or so, even the American public can catch on to the obvious.

Even though I have my own investment portfolio (I've put most of my money into the urinal cake industry), I've always considered a slavish tracking of the stock market to be a waste of time and a gross dereliction of understanding the economy as a whole, where workers are treated like chattel.

And don't even get me started on "day trading" which seems to me to be an activity done by middle aged white guys when they are too tired to beat off to web porn.

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