Sunday, October 29, 2006

A world of their own

While K-Lo runs around with the "Rick Santorum's gonna win" fantasy, the rest of the intersection of Banality Street & Insanity Drive isn't much better. The bulk of their posts today are for some fucking reason not about the election or Iraq, but of the Duke Rape case. A real current and heavy topic of conversation through the political blog world.

And there there is this...

Another Studio 60 Prediction [Jonah Goldberg]
The moment it's cancelled, some Huffington Post-style liberals will start whining about it as if it was too good for America. They'll talk about it the way sci-fi types talk about Firefly. There will even be talk about how HBO should pick it up so "Sorkin can be Sorkin"
Posted at 12:37 PM

I can honestly say I haven't watched, nor given one fucking second of my life to watching this show, what network is it even on? Nor do I recall any other progressive blog doing so either.

In fact, the only place I ever visit where it is discusses is, you guessed it, at the Corner and coming from the Pantload.

Jonah, if you don't mind, I'll do what you don't and talk about the fuckin' clusterfuck of a war your boy started wrongly and proceeded to fuck up worse than any sentient being ever could.

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