Friday, October 27, 2006

Memory Lane

This quote from Ninkasi at D.U. is a pretty accurate summation of how the right-wing (and to an extent the press) approaches a guy with a horrible illness who dares oppose them politically:

Come with me, fellow Dems, down Memory Lane. Remember, when the Senate was questioning Samuel Alito, during his confirmation hearings for sitting on the Supreme Court? Martha, his wife, broke into huge tears, and fled the room, because we hateful Dems were daring to question some of his rulings, which pointed to him being a bigot.

Democratic senators were ripped to shreds by the conservative media, who shrilly demanded to know how we could have been so nasty as to make his delicate spouse flee the room in tears.
The same conservative pundits, who were up in arms over confirmation hearings, which would determine the supreme law of our country for many years to come, now are attacking an actor afflicted with Parkinson's disease.

Mrs. Alito was subjected to an afternoon of tears. Michael J. Fox is subjected for the rest of his life to a cruel disease which will take away more and more of his ability to live his life fully, from now on. He upset Limbaugh, and the others, by daring to suggest that stem cell research would be a godsend to him, and other sufferers of diseases like his, and like the damage done to Christopher Reeves, who died as a result of his injuries.

I am constantly amazed by the utter viciousness and brutality of the right wing. Nothing to them is off limits. They will slander, and savage, anybody who has the nerve to question them, or oppose them. I believe that it's no coincidence that after so long of having them in control of Congress, our country now uses torture, has suspended habeas corpus, and rewarded the wealthy, who don't need it, and removed social services for the children, the elderly, and the poor, who do.


January 11, 2006:
When Graham Apologized... [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
...Mrs. Alito left the room in tears. Bringing a SCOTUS candidate's wife to tears in the hearing room is going to do wonders for the Senate's popularity ratings.
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October 25, 2006:
Rush on Democratic Victims [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
More on the Fox ad, and its precursors.

(The visual version: .)
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