Sunday, February 18, 2007

Darth Hitler

Yesterday John McCain launched his website for the 2008 campaign in the fervent hope he will not pass on to that great primary in the sky before than of old age. Atrios referred to the page as "Imperial Stormtrooper Chic".

As Ann Althouse scholar Thers points out, she who I suggest compete in a cage match with Glenn Reynolds for title of world's most idiotic law professor exclaims:

Bring on the liberal commentators, and what movie do they think of? Of course, it's "Triumph of the Will," which, admittedly, is a film known for its crisp black and white photography (to go along with its Nazi propaganda).

Althouse, apparently is the only person in the United States that has failed to see any of the original Star Wars movies, saving her viewing pleasure only for the ones with Jar Jar in them.

Nevertheless, I must note on second viewing, Althouse's aspersion does actually reveal something of truth:

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