Friday, February 16, 2007

Things you learn on the internets

Pointing out that Michelle Malkin is an unbelievable racist who repeatedly hits below the belt, is intellectually dishonest, and has a distended jaw capable of swallow moderate-sized livestock whole makes me...

A blatantly unfair racist, according to Howie Kurtz.

For example Howie the Ho says this:

After a few liberal sites posted her home address and phone numbers last year, Malkin received a wave of harassing calls. She responded with a defiant post, headlined "I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU." Malkin and her family have moved elsewhere in Maryland.

But fails to point out that this happened in response to Malkin doing this very thing to a pair of college student protesters. Neither should have happened, but it should be pointed out this was Malkin getting a taste of her own medicine.

And how nice is it that Howie crosses the vast ideological spectrum in regard to Malkin by quoting well-known non-liberal Andrew Sullivan on Malkin -- since Sully has not been above engaging in bouts of calling Iraq war opponents unpatriotic and near-traitors in the past. Yep, Howie Kurtz crossing the ideological bridge all the way from A to just short of B.

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