Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Like looking at an Museum Diorama

Mike Allen, who always approaches Bush as if the latter has Werther's Originals in his pockets and if he plays his cards right, just might get the wrapper, interviews Helen Thomas.

This paragraph reflects all that is wrong with Thomas' peers and Allen in particular:

I pointed out that there is a school of thought that questions are worth asking even if the president won’t answer them. “At least the public’ll know you’re doing your job,” she said. “Questions should be out there, because the American people have seen us become so compliant and complicit. You were there for the run-up to the war. Where were the questions? Who asked why, what, what do you mean? We drop bombs and we accuse the enemy of meddling? We attack a country that did nothing on us? We dropped bombs on innocent people and started this war. You were there. Nobody said why.” When she paused and I filled the silence with “fascinating,” she continued: “It isn’t fascinating. It’s rid– it’s, it’s sad.”

"Fascinating"? That's your response Mr. Spock?

Someday, when Mike Allen succeeds David Broder as "the Dean" our world will look something like this:

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