Friday, February 23, 2007

The usual

From the team that brought you...

-- "That deal that Clinton made with North Korea sucks, I'll force 'em not to make nuke-you-lahr weapons." (Summer 2001)
-- "But ah'm on vacation" (August 8, 2001)
-- "Ah he'll never get off that mountain" (December 2001)
-- "There won't be any casualties" (March 2003)
-- "We know where the weapons of mass destruction are..."(March 2003)
-- "Mission Accomplished" (May 2003)
-- "Ah don't wanna talk to Iran" (Fall 2003)
-- "We're making progress" (June 2003 to present)


When Israeli officials asked Secretary Rice about the possibility of exploring the seriousness of Syria in its calls for peace talks, her response was unequivocal: Don't even think about it.

....Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has so far adopted the strict American position not to respond to the Syrian feelers.

On the other hand, at the Foreign Ministry and within the defense establishment, there is a greater degree of openness to the offers, and the overall view is that the door should not be closed entirely to the Syrians. Similarly, many believe that the Syrian offers should be tested for their sincerity.

Oh Bush Administration, is there nothing you can't make worse?

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