Wednesday, February 28, 2007

For four-dozen eggs

Or better the cash equivalent thereof (10,000 dinars, not quite $8) there is a virtual riot for the most minimal of governmental assistance in Baghdad.

Imagine if they were passing out govermental cheese like the Reagan Administration?


The nation's new spy chief says Iraqi troops are taking the lead in securing portions of their country.

But Mike McConnell acknowledges “they are still not” where the US needs them to be.

Virginia Senator John Warner made clear his doubts. He told McConnell he doesn't see strong evidence that Iraqi forces "are measuring up in any amount."

Earlier, McConnell reiterated the findings of the latest National Intelligence Estimate that the security and political trends in Iraq are moving “in a negative direction.”

He also described the ongoing sectarian violence as “self-sustaining.”

That's not "were" moving in a negative direction but "ARE" moving that way.

But Rich Lowry says "this time we're really winning"?

And he's only been wrong once,

and that's continuously.*

*Paraphrased from a quote by J.E.B. Stuart

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