Monday, July 25, 2011

Domestic Terrorism

But above all, they will say, Ignore the fact that there is still a horrible utility in political violence, the way there was during Reconstruction, or during the labor wars of the early twentieth century. If there were not, it wouldn't be so hard to get an abortion in Kansas, and assault weapons would not have been accessories of choice at recent rallies purportedly held to discuss changes in the way the country organizes its health-care system.
If you haven't read Pierce's excellent article, you should. And if you're a Norwegian politician who thinks that you ought to let a domestic terrorist dictate public policy, shame on you. You need only look at the example of the United States to see how well that works.


Anonymous said...

For the Norwegians' sake I hope their politicians aren't as overexciteable, prone to kindergarten displays of chest-puffing and looking for any excuse to impose a Security State and exploit disaster for political advantage, like the Cheney/Rove/Bush sewage plant.

pansypoo said...

sadly the rite is bubbling up even there.

but more sane people too. sadly we are just getting fuxed.

Anonymous said...

Scott Roeder was convicted and sentenced for murdering George Tiller and the prolife/teabaggin zealots took complete control of every state orifice and every courthouse in every county of Kansas.
How? Why? Justice was served--by saying well-done.