Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kindred spirit

Sounds like the worst Norwegian since Quisling was a Glenn Beck script-writer.

And I'm not going to watch the video but according to Balloon Juice this was included.

Most all of the GOP is gonna be pissed they didn't come up with this first.


Montag said...

I'm expecting Blech to defend him, in some subtle way that Blech thinks won't be noticed by anyone except those with hearing attuned to dogwhistles.

After all, this guy--even if he's separated from the U.S. by the North Atlantic--is one of Blech's base.

StonyPillow said...

I've seen that Family Circus before on a Freeper post.

They did come up with it first.

jimmiraybob said...

Breivik is an apparent Tea Party fan:

'The European tree of liberty will be refreshed by the blood of our patriots and of the Marxist tyrrants. This civil war will last several decades but we will succeed'.

Montag said...

"This civil war will last several decades but we will succeed'."

Sounded much more stirring in the original German....

StonyPillow said...

The Guardian is saying Anders Behring Breivik just downloaded the Unabomber screed, and did a block search and replace:

Only small alterations have been made by Breivik, such as replacing "leftism" with "multiculturalism" and "cultural Marxism".

Figures. Nobody who spends his days in his mama's basement playing WOW could be expected to do better.

omen said...

family circus?

never noticed before how muslimy the scythe is.

pansypoo said...

rite wing hate is hate. killing was ok cause the dead were librals you know.

DrDick said...

I love how fast the rightards go into radical makeover mode whenever one of their own actually acts on the horseshit that they constantly spew.

"Oh no, he could not possibly be a conservative. He is obviously a closet liberal trying to discredit conservatism."

As if it needed any more discrediting than they already give it.

NonyNony said...

I've seen that Family Circus before on a Freeper post.

Charles Johnson over at LGF read the manifesto and concluded that the terrorist's major source for his manifesto was the right-wing "Jihad Watch" blog. Articles he reproduced wholesale with permission of the original authors.

Most of the manifesto is just cut-and-paste assembly of articles from a variety of right-wing blogs.

pansypoo said...

major beckkky.