Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lack of Logic, it's not just for American Political Culture

From a parliamentary hearing in the UK on Murdoch's newspapers and phone-hacking -- and how they used the police to do so. The Chief Investigator Incompetent at the Metropolitan Police who years ago proclaimed Murdoch Inc's phone hacks limited is being grilled:

12.24pm: Lorraine Fullbrook, a Conservative, asks Yates if he has ever received payment from a news outlet.

Yates says he has never, ever, ever received payment. He thinks the question is amazing.

Q: Have any of your staff received payments?

That's "highly probable", he says. The Met employs 50,000 people.

That's impossible...yet highly likely.

Sounds like a case for the WaPo's "Fact-Checker".


jimmiraybob said...

I am going to label this with that relatively rare rating: “true but false....bad but good...up but down...round but square"

sukabi said...

almost sounds like consent for all his and his mens' banking / phone records to be gone over with a fine tooth comb... a little fishing expedition is in order to see if 'anything juicy' turns up...

DanF said...

I watched this hearing this morning on C-SPAN2. If only our congressional hearings had as much substance and less theatrics we'd be much better served. Sure - there was some theatrical posturing by the pols (they are pols after all), but none of the ritualistic preening that is the staple of our high-profile congressional hearings ("Are you aware that in this great country of ours, founded upon the principles of equality and freedom, that if given the chance, by the way, I'd hang Casey Anthony by her thumbs - and her parents and OJ Simpson as well - that baseball is sacred, and shall not perish!"). They actually asked pointed, intelligent questions and seemed to have actually researched the issue. Weird.

pansypoo said...