Monday, July 18, 2011

Nice Parting Shot!

In addition to Rebekah Brooks getting the surprise unseen, but short, perp walk, the Commissioner of the Metro police force in London resigned yesterday having hired and taken favors from a former News of the World editor.

But notable is what the departing Constable said in comparing himself to the Prime Minister:

In an emotional statement yesterday evening he insisted he did not want to “compromise” the Prime Minister but pointedly said Mr Wallis had not been associated with phone hacking at the time Sir Paul employed him in October 2009.

He said that by contrast the full scale of phone hacking at the News of the World had begun to emerge when Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former director of communications, resigned as editor



StonyPillow said...

Wish we had even one good newspaper with stones like the Manchester Guardian. All we get is the New York Times. Shit.

DCUO Cash said...

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jimmiraybob said...

"...he insisted he did not want to 'compromise'..."

Using my handy Unprevaricator 3000 translation program I've come up with, "What's the point. There's no time to dish dirt and I won't be getting anymore gravy anyway so I'm getting the hell out of town before the warrants are served."

DrDick said...

The ship is sinking and the rats are taking diving lessons. Popcorn time!

pansypoo said...

warms the cockles it does..