Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Hey, who cares, we don't represent them!"

The sounds of someone defending hypothetical "small business"* is in the air.
With momentum building at the federal and state level to increase hourly base pay, more than three-quarters of Americans (76%) say they would vote for raising the minimum wage to $9 per hour (it is currently $7.25) in a hypothetical national referendum, a five-percentage-point increase since March. About one-fifth (22%) would vote against this.
That includes 3 out of every 5 Republicans. So you know this is NOT going to be allowed to happen.

*Small Business is defined as Koch Industries.

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StonyPillow said...

Wal-Mart might have to shoulder more of the burden of keeping their associates’ bodies and souls together. Couldn’t have that.

Always corporate welfare. Always.

Anonymous said...

"About one-fifth (22%) would vote against this.

I'm calling bullshit. Even though the margin of error is ±4 points, we know the true Crazification Factor is 27%.

“(Alan) Keyes was from out of state, so you can eliminate any established political base; both candidates were black, so you can factor out racism; and Keyes was plainly, obviously, completely crazy. Batshit crazy. Head-trauma crazy. But 27% of the population of Illinois voted for him. They put party identification, personal prejudice, whatever ahead of rational judgement. Hell, even like 5% of Democrats voted for him. That’s crazy behaviour. I think you have to assume a 27% Crazification Factor in any population.”

kingweasil said...

im going w/a whole third.33 1/3 at 78 speed...

DanF said...

Anon - I think the crazification factor is null and void for this particular poll for the simple reason that a non-trivial percentage of the crazy people make minimum wage. Crazy or not, they would like a couple extra bucks an hour.

pansypoo said...

but don't call them stupid.