Thursday, November 21, 2013

The International We broke it, you bought it proviso

Yeah, can anyone really blame them?
Representatives of most of the world's poor countries have walked out of increasingly fractious climate negotiations after the EU, Australia, the US and other developed countries insisted that the question of who should pay compensation for extreme climate events be discussed only after 2015.
Sure they are ironically led by China, the world's newest mass polluter, but otherwise, why should the countries who have been most screwed economically by the countries that have done their best to ruin the planet for everyone not expect some form of justice?

Of course, when Europe, the US and Australia say "only after 2015" they really mean "never".

So again, who can really blame them?

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Anonymous said...

Only the detestable (And DEPO$ABLE) 1% Blame the victims.

pansypoo said...

i await the coming of the revolution to come.