Friday, November 01, 2013

Oh no, how will they survive?

Better prepare another round of targeted tax cuts.
Exxon Mobil Corp.'s quarterly profit fell 18% from last year, but the oil and gas giant still made nearly $8 billion... It was Exxon's second-smallest quarterly profit since mid-2010, beating only this year's second-quarter earnings of $6.86 billion. Still, the results exceeded expectations.
But in these austere times, where will we find the money to help a poor multinational out? Oh, yeah.
...the food-stamp program is now set to downsize in the weeks ahead. There's a big automatic cut scheduled for Nov. 1, as a temporary boost from the 2009 stimulus bill expires. That change will trim about $5 billion from federal food-stamp spending over the coming year.
Funny how Exxon Mobil could pick up the tab on that and still have $3 billion in profit, yet I'm pretty sure we're going to find a way to give them even more. 

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pansypoo said...

GOP priorities need to be exposed.

Mr. 618 said...

Rounding up to $8 billion (because the exact figure isn't given), their daily profit is only slightly less than $22,000,000. Per day. That's hardly enough to live on, if you're an oil company ("remember, corporations are people, my friend").

My heart frickin BLEEDS for these losers. They oughts be shot.