Friday, December 20, 2013

It's projection

One of the reasons Republicans want to pass voter frauds laws (well after the joy they get at keeping minorities from having any power) is that they think everyone else is the filthy moral assholes they are.

Liz Cheney's Senate campaign in Wyoming continues to be dogged with news about her family.

Politico reported Wednesday that Cheney's husband was registered to vote in both Virginia and Wyoming despite signing a document in the latter state saying he was not registered elsewhere.


Harry R. Sohl said...

She's a trollop and a country girl, to paraphrase McCrusty.

pansypoo said...

how do you block the 2% from voting?

Anonymous said...

Why sure, they gots to do that. We the sheeple are catching on to the fact that they've been using the war on drugs to achieve that end for years! So, yeah, they'vre got to find another horse to flog.