Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Well, this should be good with the popcorn

Always good in 2013 to trot out the best lines of the 1840 and 1850s "Know-Nothings" but who better to do it, than America's Oxycontin Poster Boy and International Sex Tourist?

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh last week called Pope Francis' economic views laid out in his Vatican mission statement "pure marxism."


StonyPillow said...

Rush has been syndicated for almost 30 years, getting along just fine with the Church until now.

No more damning indictment of Rome is possible. And the odd interview or Apostolic Exhortation doesn't change that.

kingweasil said...

I for one had thought pope Francis was a breath of fresh air for a church that really needed one, but I was wrong. If rush says he's a commie he's a commie.Rush's been right on so many other occasions.Benghazi,pain meds, the environment, Iraqi prisoner abuse, Sandra Fluke.

kingweasil said...

one more thing,in regards to the pope, I read this tonight..."Konrad Krajewski, an archbishop and trusted confidante of the Pope who is the Vatican “Almoner” or alms-giver hinted that Pope might be venturing out to help homeless and poor people...I have a feeling rush or fathah Timmy Dolan wont have anything good to say about that either.

pansypoo said...

don't let him know jesus was a socialist.