Monday, December 02, 2013

Or maybe you just stop rolling out bad product?

While the new Pontiff, with one notable exception, seems to be determined to remind people the Catholic Church wants to be on the side of the poor, the old Bishops of the new world, just keep not understanding the marketplace.
While speaking with David Gregory on Meet The Press this weekend, a top Catholic official (Cardinal Dolan) claimed that the church is ‘out-marketed‘ by supporters of marriage equality.
Yeah, I suppose when on one side you have people wishing for a legal sanction to a loving committed relationship, just like everyone else, while the other side has been busy paying off child abuse claims you can call that bad marketing. Among other things. But you know, you might also point out that statements like this are not helpful.
After lobbying against New York’s marriage equality law, Dolan prohibited by decree any Church personnel or property from being utilized for same-sex marriage ceremonies under penalty of “canonical sanctions,” calling the state’s law “irreconcilable with the nature and the definition of marriage as established by Divine law.” He has also compared the “threat” posed to marriage by gays and lesbians to that of polygamy, adultery, forced marriage, communist dictatorships, and incest.
Yeah, hard to believe that kind of statement could be out-marketed. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


kingweasil said...

“irreconcilable with the nature and the definition of marriage as established by Divine law.” "divine law" the Jews were ok w/the Catholics after Vatican two, maybe its time for Vatican three...

StonyPillow said...

In Springfield, Bishop Paprocki performed an exorcism to cleanse his Diocese of satanic evil after Illinois became the 16th state to allow the civil right of marriage to gays.

You can’t out-market Old Scratch himself. The Father of Lies invented the whole profession when he sold the apple in the Garden of Eden.

Anonymous said...

Charles Pierce once wrote that you should never write "Cardinal Timothy Dolan" without adding the descriptive, "who once supervised a program to use the money collected from parishioners to pay accused child molesters to leave the priesthood."

Clarity, 'ya know....!

pansypoo said...

how many cardinals wish they picked dolan.