Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sensible priorities

What's that you say?

Is there a way to combine an unhealthy percentage of the South's insane affection with guns and their insane over-valuing of college athletics over, say, college?

Why, yes, yes indeed there is.


JBJ said...

To give credit where it is due, a machete is the Bushmaster semiautomatic of the knife world.

pansypoo said...

true. darwin would be pleased.

DanF said...

Proof that the true value of athletics is that it keeps the city of Tuscaloosa from going to actual war with the city of Auburn (or Cleveland with Pittsburgh, Chicago with Green Bay, or Dallas with, well, everyone).

Brian M said...

Re: Dan F: That was one of the points in the classic novel ECOTOPIA. The breakaway state established quite violent sports to vent off the natural???? violence of young men (and women) and group identity in a...relatively...harmless way.

Interesting concept.